FreeKB - MVC Publish an MVC application to Go Daddy
MVC - Publish an MVC application to Go Daddy

Unique configuration required for GoDaddy:

  1. In the Web.config file, add <trust level="Full" /> inside the <system.web> tags
  2. Remove all of the markup inside of the <system.codedom> tags
  3. In Solution Explorer, expand References and set the following 3 references to Copy Local = True:
    • System.Web.Abstractions
    • System.Web.MVC
    • System.Web.Routing
  4. Published the application to local IIS
  5. Using FileZilla, upload the files to the external host using FTP

Note: The very first time you upload the files to Go Daddy, the file transfer can take a long time. After the initial file upload, future uploads should take much less time, as you can configure FileZilla to only upload files that have changed. It is a good idea to set up a testing site on your Local IIS, and only deploy changes to the external (production) host when needed, typically in the middle of the night.

Getting FTP Settings from Go Daddy:

  1. Sign into your GoDaddy account
  2. Select Hosting
  3. Select Manage. This logs you into Plesk Hosting.
  4. Select Show More
  5. Select FTP Settings
  6. Select your username
  7. Create a password and select Submit

The default Your ASP.NET application should be displayed on the external hosting.

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