Introscope - IntroscopeAgent.profile Metrics Aging

Metrics is data that is gathered from an agent. Typically, an agent is an application server, such as:

  • a JBoss application server
  • a Tomcat application server
  • a WebSphere application server

For example, some possible metrics are:

  • the agents memory usage
  • the agents CPU utlization
  • the agents garbage collection


Old Metrics (aging)

By default, metric aging is turned on. Setting this property to "false" or removing this property from the IntroscopeAgent.profile file will disable metric aging.



The heartbeat interval defines how many seconds elapse between polling for metrics that have aged.



Number of time slices is the amount of time, in seconds, that has elapsed after a metric was last reported. Number of time slices is used in conjunction with other metric aging configurations to determine when a metric is eligible to be aged out.




In the IntroscopeAgent.profile file, there are two main agent log files, autoprobe.log and IntroscopeAgent.log.





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