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Linux Commands - tzselect (time zone select)

The tzselect command can be used to change the time zone of the system. Changing the time zone using the tzselect command is not permanent. After a reboot, the time zone will revert to the time zone set in /etc/timezone file.

The tzselect command will first prompt you to select a contitent or ocean.

[root@server1 ~]# tzselect
Please identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly.
Please select a continent or ocean.
 1) Africa
 2) Americas
 3) Antarctica
 4) Arctic Ocean
 5) Asia
 6) Atlantic Ocean
 7) Australia
 8) Europe
 9) Indian Ocean
10) Pacific Ocean
11) none - I want to specify the time zone using the Posix TZ format


Let's say you select 2 (Americas). You will next be prompted to select a country.

Please select a country.
 1) Anguilla
 2) Antigua & Barbuda
 3) Argentia
 4) Aruba
 5) Bahamas
 . . .


Let's say ou select 49 (United States). You will next be prompted to select a time zone region.

Please select one of the following time zone regions.
 1) Eastern (most areas)
 2) Eastern - MI (most areas)
 3) Eastern - KY (Louisville area)
 4) Eastern - KY (Wayne)
 5) Eastern - IN (most areas)
 . . .


Let's say you select 11 (Centeral most areas). You will be prompted to confirm your selections are OK.

The following information has been given:

  United States
  Central (most areas)

Therefore TZ='Americas/Chicago' will be used.
Local time is now:     Mon Oct 24 10:47:23 CDT 2016.
Universal time is now: Mon Oct 24 15:47:23 UTC 2016.
Is the above information OK?
1) Yes
2) No


Let's say you select 1 (Yes). You will receive a confirmation that the time zone has been updated.

You can make this change permanent for yourself by appending the line
  TZ='America/Chicago'; export TZ
to the file '.profile' in your home directory; then log out and log in again.

Here is that TZ value again, this time on standard output so that you
can use the /usr/bin/tzselect command in shell scripts:



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