Resolve error "Access Denied" when attempting to save or modify a file in Windows

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The cause of the error
The User Account lacks the permissions to Write. Note: In this scenario, the name of the permission in Windows is Change instead of Write.

Steps to Resolve

  1. On the computer where the physical Hard Drive / Solid State Drive is installed, right click on the root directory of the drive in question
  2. Select Properites
  3. Click on the Sharing Tab
  4. Click on the Advanced Sharing button
  5. Click on the Permissions button
  6. Under Group or user name, if Everyone is not listed, click Add, type Everyone, and click Ok
  7. With the Everyone group highlight, under allow checkmark Read and Change, and do not checkmark any of the Deny options, because Deny always trumps everything else
  8. Apply, OK

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