FreeKB - Copy the SCCM log files when imaging a PC
SCCM - Copy the SCCM log files when imaging a PC

The following steps can be done while attempting to reimage a PC in Task Sequence.

  1. Connect a USB flash drive to the PC.
  2. Press F8 to open the command line prompt.
  3. Type diskpart and press enter.
  4. Type list volume and press enter. In this example, Volume 1 is the USB flash drive.
Volume### Ltr Label    FS    Type     Size     Status  Info
--------- --- -------- ----- --------- -------- ------- ----
Volume 0  C   BDEDrive NTFS  Partition 465GB    Healthy
Volume 1  D            NTFS  Partition 7399MB   Healthy
  1. If the filesystem of the USB flash drive is not NTFS:
    • Type list disk and press enter.
    • Type select disk x and press enter (replace x with the drive number).
    • Type clean and press enter.
    • Type create partition primary and press enter.
    • Type format quick fs=ntfs and press enter.
    • Type list volume and press enter to verify the file system is now NTFS.
  2. Type exit and press enter to exit disk partition.
  3. Type cd X:\Windows\Temp
  4. Type dir, and ensure the SMSTSLog directory is listed.
  5. Type xcopy SMSTSLog D:\ and press enter (replace D with the drive letter of your USB Flash Drive).
  6. Type dir D:\ and press enter. There should be two log files (smsts.log and smsts-date.log).


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