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IBM MQ - alter qremote command

The alter qremote command can be used to alter a remote queue. In this example, QUEUE01 is updated to have a description of "Hello World".

If the value contains white space, the value must be wrapped in single quotes or double quotes. In this example, Hello World is wrapped in single quotes.

echo "alter qremote (QUEUE01) DESCR ('Hello World')" | runmqsc MANAGER01


The display queue or display qremote commands can be used to view the configuration of the queue, like this.

echo "display queue (QUEUE01) DESCR" | runmqsc MANAGER01


Following is an example of what will be displayed.

QUEUE(queue01)             TYPE(QREMOTE)
DESCR (Hello World)


Alter multiple fields

In this example, both DESCR and MAXDEPTH are updated simultaneously.

echo "alter qremote (QUEUE01) DESCR ('Hello World') MAXDEPTH (100)" | runmqsc MANAGER01

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