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How to deploy a war application to TC Server

Check your $tc_server_home/profiles/your_app_server/conf/server.xml file to determine how a WAR will be deployed. In this example server.xml file, WAR files placed in the webapps directory will automatically be deployed and unpacked.

<Host appBase="webapps"


If the application server is configured to automatically deploy and unpack your WAR, copy your WAR file into the $tc_server_home/profiles/your_app_server/webapps directory.

~]# cp /home/john.doe/Documents/MyWebApp.war  /opt/tc-server/profiles/myJVM/webapps/


Wait a few minutes, and the WAR should automatically be unpacked and deployed. In this example, myApp.war has been unpacked into the myApp directory.

~]# ll /opt/tc-server/profiles/myJVM/webapps/
drwxr-x---. 4 root root   51 Jul 4  10:14 myApp
-rwxr--r--. 4 root root 2122 Jul 4  10:14 myApp.war
drwx------. 4 root root   51 Jul 4  10:14 ROOT


Accessing your application

In the prior examples, an application named MyWebApp was deployed. This application can be accessed by navigating to


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