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How to use functions in BASH

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A function contains a segment of code that performs a certain task. In this example, the "printDate" function will print the current date.

function printDate {
  echo $(date +%m-%d-%Y)


Functions can also be created using this syntax.

printDate() {
  echo $(date +%m-%d-%Y)


Now, you can use the function in the script. In this example, instead of having to echo the date, you simply use the function.



Passing values into a function

One of the most powerful capabilities of a function is being able to pass values into the function. For example, this function use $1 to print the first value passed into the function (Hello World) and $2 to print the second value (Greetings).

function execution {
  echo $1
  echo $2


Values are passed into a function by following the function with the values.

execution "Hello World" "Greetings"


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