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Before creating a manager queue, you will need to install WebSphere MQ Server or MQ Explorer and MQ Client.

If using MQ Explorer

  1. In the left panel of MQ Explorer, right-click on the Queue Managers folder and select New > Queue Manager.
  2. Enter a name for the queue manager, such as MANAGER01, and select Finish.

The queue manager should now be displayed in the Queue Managers folder.

If using Linux command line

Switch to the mqm user.

~]# su - mqm


Create a manager queue named MANAGER01.

~]# /opt/mqm/bin/crtmqm -q MANAGER01


Display the managers that exist on the system.

~]# /opt/mqm/bin/dspmq


Start the manager queue.

~]# /opt/mqm/bin/strmqm MANAGER01


Return to your user account.

~]# exit



You will next want to create a local queue.

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