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If you are not sure what an MQ Server Connection Channel is, check out our Getting Started tutorial. These examples are based on Linux.

Determine if port 1414 is available. If 1414 is being used, determine if port 1415 is available, then 1416, until you local an available port.

netstat -an | grep 1414


Switch to the mqm user.

su - mqm


Start the MQSC utility for the queue manager that you want to set up the server connection channel on. In this example, MANAGER01 is the name of the queue manager. This assumes that the "mqm" users .bash_profile has been updated to have PATH=$PATH:<root installation directory>/bin.

Create a server connection channel. In this example, a server connection channel named CHANNEL01 is created.

echo "define channel ('CHANNEL01') chltype (SVRCONN) trptype (TCP)" | runmqsc MANAGER01


You can now display the channel using the runmqsc command.

Define a new listener for the channel.

echo "define listener(LISTENER01) trptype(TCP) control(QMGR) port(1414)" | runmqsc MANAGER01


Start the listener.

echo "start listener(LISTENER01)" | runmqsc MANAGER01


You almost always also want to assign one or more users that have access to the channel so that you don't get error 2035 MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED when attempting to connect to MQ.


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