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or die $!

When attempting to open a file in Perl, it's always a good idea to use "or die" and $!. "or die" will display the text following the "or die" statement if the file cannot be opened, and $! will display the reason why the file could not be opened.

open(FH, '>', "$file") or die "cannot open $file $! \n";


Writing text to a file

The following markup is used to redirect the text Hello World to file.txt. A single > is used, meaning that the entire file will be overwritten with the text Hello World.

my $file = "/path/to/file.txt";
open(FH, '>', "$file") or die "cannot open $file $! \n";
print FH "Hello World";


In this example, text is written to a CSV file. Use \n where you want your data to appear on the next line, and separate data with a comma.

my $file = "/path/to/file.csv";
open(FH, '>', $file) or die "cannot open $file $! \n";
print FH "Column1,Column2,Column3,Column4\n";
print FH "Data,Data,Data,Data\n";
print FH "Data,Data,Data,Data\n";


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