How to print date and time in Perl using strftime

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Use the POSIX strftime module.

use POSIX 'strftime';

$date = strftime "%m %d, %Y", localtime;
$time = strftime "%r", localtime;

print $date at $time;


This will produce a result in this format.

01 16, 2018 at 06:05:39 AM


Following are commonly used options.

Option Description Example
%Y Year 2018
%y Year 18
%m Month 01
%b Month Jan
%B Month January
%d Day 14
%H Hour 07
%M Minute 56
%S Second 23


Future / Past date

The time+ and time- options can be used to adjust the date to a future or past date. 86400 (minutes) equals one day.

$yesterday = strftime "%m %d, %Y", localtime(time-86400);
$tomorrow  = strftime "%m %d, %Y", localtime(time+86400);


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