How to customize the Web Server Plugin for WebSphere

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This assumes you have already installed IHS web server, the IBM web server plugin, and the WebSphere Customization Toolbox. Customizing the web server plugin configures the plugin so that the web server can server applications running on WebSphere application server.

Launch WebSphere Customization Toolbox.

~]# /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Toolbox/WCT/


Select Web Server Plug-ins Configuration Tool and then select Launch Selected Tool.


Select Add. In the pop-up box, enter any name you would like. The plugin location must be the location of the WebSphere plugins. Select Finish.


Select Create. Select the appropriate server type and select Next.


Enter the location to the web server configuration file and select Next.


Give the web server a name, and select Next.


Since the web server is on the same system as the WebSphere application server, select Local, and then provide the directory to where the Websphere application server is installed, and select Next.


Select a profile and select Next. Select Configure and then select Finish.


Upon completion, the following two lines will be added to the ihs_home/conf/httpd.conf file.

LoadModule was_ap24_module /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins/bin/64bits/
WebSpherePluginConfig /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins/config/your_webserver_name/plugin-cfg.xml


 In this example, the web server is able to route request to two application servers (server1 server2) in a cluster (cluster1), and the /beta app can be produced.

<VirtualHostGroup Name="default_host">
  <VirtualHost Name="*:80"/>
  <VirtualHost Name="*:443"/>
  <VirtualHost Name="*:9080"/>
  <VirtualHost Name="*:9081"/>
  <VirtualHost Name="*:9443"/>
  <VirtualHost Name="*:9444"/>

<ServerCluster Name="cluster1">
  <Server Name="server1">
    <Transport Port="9080" Protocol="http"/>
    <Transport Port="9443" Protocol="https"/>
  <Server Name="server2">
    <Transport Port="9081" Protocol="http"/>
    <Transport Port="9444" Protocol="https"/>

<UriGroup Name="server1_Cluster_URIs">
  <Uri Name="/beta/*"/>


Remote web server

If you are setting up a remote web server (eg. the web server and application server are on different machines), copy the (Linux) or configurewebservername.bat (Windows) file from the web server to the was_home/bin/ directory on the application server. The configurewebservername script is located in the plugin_home/bin/ directory on the web server. Then, run the script on the application server. Running this script will add markup to the plugin-cfg.xml file on the web server. Ensure the plugin-cfg.xml file has the following for each application you want to produce.

<Uri Name="/example/*"/>
<Uri Name="/example/"/>


You can now add the web server to the deployment manager.


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