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A Service Integration Bus (SIB) is a group of one or more application servers or clusters that cooperate to provide asynchronous messaging services. As an example, system "a" may need to send an e-mail message or an SMS instant message to system "b". When done asynchronously, system "a" will send the message to a messaging system, and then system "a" can move onto it's next task. System "b" would then obtain the message from the messaging system.

The Service Integration Bus (SIB) is the messaging engine. Alternatively, IBMs MQ could be used as the messaging engine. To be more specific, the bus members, such as the WebSphere Application Servers in the Service Integration Bus contains a component called a messaging engine that is used to send and receive messages.


Create Service Integration Bus (SIB)

  1. In the left panel of the WebSphere web console, expand Service integration and select Buses.
  2. Select New.
  3. Give the SIB a name and select Next.
  4. For the remaining prompts, select Next and then Finish.


In this example, a SIB named TestBus was created.


Add bus members

An application server or cluster that is a member of a SIB is known as a bus member.

In the left panel of the WebSphere web console, expand Service integration and select Buses. Select a SIB. Select Bus members. Select Add. Select a server, node, or cluster and select Next. In this example, cluster1 is added to TestBus. The Cluster selection will only be displayed if there is a cluster that can be added to the SIB.


If you selected a cluster, you will be prompted to select a messaging engine policy. In this example, Scalability with high availability is selected. The Scalability with high availability selection ensures that each application server in the cluster has a messaging engine for failover support.


Select File Store or Data Store and select Next. Select Next and then Finish.


In this example, server1 in node01 was added to the TestBus SIB.

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