How to install IBM Packaging Utility on Linux on the command line

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If you have not installed IBM Installation Manager, install IBM Installation Manager

Download the Packaging Utility ffrom Fix Central. This will download a file name Transfer the download zip file to the Linux server that will be running the Packaging Utility. Then, unzip the zipped file. Make a directory for the Packaging Utility. PU is short for Packaging Utility.

~]# mkdir /opt/PU


Unzip the package. The -d option is used to unzip the package to the /opt/PU directory.

~]# unzip -d /opt/PU


Use the installc command to install Packaging Utility as admin. When installed as admin, only users that have admin priviledges will be allowed to use the Packaging Utility. In this example, Packaging Utility is installed at /opt/IBM/PackagingUtility/.

~]# cd /opt/PU/disk_linux.gtk.architecture/InstallerImage_linux.gtk.architecture/
~]# ./installc -acceptLicense -showVerboseProgress


Use the userinstc command to install the Packaging Utility as non-admin user. When installed as a non-admin user, only the user that installed the Packaging Utility will be allowed to use the Packaging Utility. In this example, the Packaging Utility is installed at /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/.

~]# cd /opt/PU/disk_linux.gtk.architecture/InstallerImage_linux.gtk.architecture/
~]# ./userinstc -acceptLicense -showVerboseProgress


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