How to view the certificates in a truststore in WebSphere

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A truststore contains certificates. In other words, this is a store of external or remote certificates that you trust, and these almost always should be certificates from a trusted certificate authority (CA). A keystore contains your own private keys and certificates. In other words, these are the keys and certificates that you own, which will be used to encrypt the traffic to your WebSphere admin console and the apps running on WebSphere.

  1. In the left panel of the WebSphere web console, expand Security and select SSL certificate and key management.
  2. Select key stores and certificates.
  3. Select a truststore.
  4. Select Personal certificates.


In this example, there are no certificates in the truststore. It is not uncommon for a young systems to have no entries in the truststore. It is only after an application needs to trust an external or remote system that you would start to add certificates to the truststore.

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