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How to install Windows in Virtual Box

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  1. In VirtualBox, click New.
    • Name = Windows 7
    • Type = Windows 7
  2. It’s okay to keep the default RAM of 512. However, if your computer has plenty of RAM to spare, it can speed up Windows to allocate more RAM. Note: This can be changed later in Settings > System.
  3. Create a virtual hard drive now.
    • VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)
    • Dynamically allocated
    • 500.00 GB
  4. Settings > General > Advanced.
    • Shared Clipboard = Bidirectional
    • Drag’n’Drop = Bidirectional
  5. Settings > System > Motherboard.
    • Move Floppy to bottom, and uncheck
    • Move CD/DVD-ROM to top
    • Checkmark Enable I/O APIC
    If Enable I/O APIC is not checkmarked, only one CPU core will be used by the guest OS. So, we checkmark Enable I/O APIC so that the guest OS uses all 4 cores.
  6. Settings > System > Processor.
    • Increase the CPU from 1 to 4
    If the option to increase the CPUs is not available, go into BIOS of the Host OS, and in the CPU, enable hardware virtualization.
  7. Settings > Storage
    • Add ISO
    Under Controller: IDE, click on empty, and then to the right, next to CD/DVD drive, click on the disc icon, and select the ISO (X17-59463).

  8. Settings > USB.
    • Check mark Enable USB Controller
    • Check mark Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI) Contoller
    We do this because we need to be able to detect USB devices in Windows, for backup purposes.
  9. Start the virtual machine, and follow the Windows install prompts.

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