FreeKB - Microsoft IIS Create a new website
Microsoft IIS - Create a new website

  1. In the left panel of IIS, right-click on the Sites folder and select Add Website.
  2. Complete the Add Website form to create a new website.

Note: Ensure the port is not being used by another website in IIS. If the website will not be using port 80 or 443, refer to how to use a different port in IIS.

Note: If you have a DNS server in your LAN, ensure there is an A or AAAA record in the DNS server pointing to your IIS web server.

Note: Ensure Windiws Firewall is configured to allow connections on the port you are using.

  1. In the right panel of IIS, select Browse on x.x.x.x:xx (http). The default IIS web page should be displayed.

Note: The default webpage is located at C:/inetpub/wwwroot/iistart.htm.


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