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Remove values from an array in Perl

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Let's say you have an array of fruit that contains apple, banana, orange, and grape.

@fruits = qw(apple banana orange grapes);


You could create a variable that contains a value of 0.

my $index = 0;


Then, you could count the number of lines in the @fruits array. In this example, $count will contain a value of 4.

my $count = scalar @fruits;


Then you can increment $index by 1 until a line in the @fruits array equals "grapes" or when $index equals $count.

$index++ until $fruits[$index] eq "grapes" or $index eq $count;


Splice can be used to remove a value from the array. In this example, every occurence of "grapes" will be removed from @fruits.

splice (@fruits, $index, 1);


Be aware that if lines in the array contain double quotes, this probably will fail to work as expected, since the comparison is wrapped in double quotes, like this.

until $fruits[$index] eq "value"


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