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Perl (Scripting) - Create array over SSH

Let's say you make an SSH connection to another host in Perl and obtain some data, such as a list of files.

($stdout) = $ssh->cmd("ls");


In this example, the list of files from the remote host is stored in the $stdout variable. The variable can be printed.

print $stdout;


Printing this variable will print the list of files on the remote host.



The dumper function validates that the entire list of files in a single variable value.

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper $stdout;


In other words, each files is not associated with a unique variable value.

$VAR1 = 'file1.txt


Split can be used to create an array, where each file is a unique value in the array.

@files = split(/\n/, $stdout);


And now you should be able to print each item in the array.

print @files;


Which will print each file.

file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt


Dumper can be used to verifiy each item in the array is unique.

print Dumper @files;


The dumper output.

$VAR1 = 'file1.txt';
$VAR2 = 'file2.txt';
$VAR3 = 'file3.txt';



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