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Remove duplicate values from an array in Perl

Let's say you have an array that has duplicate values.

@array = qw(one two one three one);


The following Perl script will remove the duplicates.

sub uniq {
  my %seen;
  grep not $seen{$_}++, @_;

@unique = uniq(@array);


Printing the @unique array will now produce the following.

one two three


Credit goes to Greg Hewgill at this Stack Overflow post.


Let's say you have a hash array that contains duplicate values.

push ( @{$hash{name}}, "Jeremy" );
push ( @{$hash{name}}, "Jeremy" );


The following will append the unique values to a new array (newhash).

my %seen;
my %newhash;

foreach my $key (keys %hash) {
  foreach my $value (@{$hash{$key}}) {

    if ( not $seen{$value}++) {
      print "$value has not been seen yet\n";
      push ( @{$newhash{name}}, "$value" );
    else {
      print "$value has been seen\n";


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