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Printing keys using XML::Simple in Perl

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Let's say you have an extremly simple XML file named cartoon.xml that contains the following markup.

  <name>Bugs Bunny</name>


In this example, "name" is the key and "Bugs Bunny" is the value.


The following script will allow you to parse the values from the cartoon.xml file.

use XML::Simple;
my $cartoon = XMLin("cartoon.xml");


You can print the keys . For example, the following markup will print "name" to the console.

print $_ for keys %$cartoon;


XML files can contains numerous "levels". Take for example the following XML.

        <name>Bugs Bunny</name>


In this scenario, to print "Bugs Bunny", you would need to include each "level" in your print statement.

print $_ for keys %{$cartoon->{'one'}->{'two'}->{'three'}};

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