Global and lexical variables in Perl

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There are two common ways to create a variable, to either use my or ot not use my. When my is not used, the variable will be global.

# Global
$i = 0;


When my is used, the variable will be lexical.

# Lexical
my $i = 0;


Global variables can be used anywhere in your Perl script, where a lexical variable can only be seen within a lexical scope. Take for example the following markup.

sub example {
     $i = "Hello";
  my $x = "World";


print $i;
print $x;


In this example, two variables are created inside of a subroutine called example. The $i variable is global, and the $x variable is lexical. When the subroutine is called, only "Hello" will be printed, because $i is a global variable that can be used anywhere in the Perl script. World is not printed, because $x is a lexical variable. The only way to print $x would to place the print statement inside of the example subroutine.



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