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Java Programming - JSTL date format

Near the beginning of your JSP page, use the fmt library.

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fmt" %>


Create a varialbe (now in this example) where the value is java.util.Date().

<c:set var="now" value="<%=new java.util.Date()%>" />


You can now format the date to your preference.

<fmt:formatDate pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" value="${now}" />


If you want to store the results in a variable, just add var.

<fmt:formatDate pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" value="${now}" var="todaysDate" />


Be aware that a date obtained from a SQL database will not be a java.util.Date() object and thus you must parse the date string.

<fmt:setLocale value="${requestLocale.locale}"/>
<fmt:parseDate pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" value="${title.date_updated}" var="parsedDate" />
<fmt:formatDate value="${parsedDate}" pattern="MMM dd, yyyy" />


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