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Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) - Add IBM Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ)

By default, Eclipse Memory Analyzer expects a heap dump file to have the HPROF file extension. A WebSphere heap dump has file extenion PHD (Portable Heap Dump), which means that by default, a WebSphere heap dump cannot be analyzed by Eclipse Memory Analyzer. To be able to analyze a WebSphere PHD file, you will need to install the IBM Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ) feature.

In Eclipse Memory Analyzer, navigate to Help Install New Software.Select Add, and give the new repository the following values, and then select Add again. The new repository should be listed.

Checkmark the IBM Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ) repository and select Next. Highlight Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java and select Next. Accept the license and select Finish. The DTFJ feature will be installed in Eclipse Memory Analyzer. 


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