FreeKB - Resolve "CWWMQ0007W The message endpoint has been paused by the system"
IBM WebSphere - Resolve "CWWMQ0007W The message endpoint has been paused by the system"

This message appears in SystemOut.log.

[3/25/19 14:13:23:049 CDT] 00000571 ActivationSpe I   J2CA0524I: The Message Endpoint for ActivationSpec your_actspec ( and MDB Application your_app is deactivated.

[3/25/19 14:13:23:053 CDT] 00000571 SibMessage    W   [:] CWWMQ0007W: The message endpoint your_app has been paused by the system.  Message delivery failed to the endpoint more than 0 times.  The last attempted delivery failed with the following error: javax.jms.TransactionRolledBackException:


  1. In the WebSphere admin console, select Applications > All applications > your_application.
  2. Select the Runtime tab.
  3. Select Manage message endpoints.
  4. Click the checkbox next to each of the activation specification that have a status of Paused and then click the Resume button.

If the activation specification does not go active or remain active, there may be an issue with MQ. You would need to look at the MQ logs. If no issues are found on the MQ side, you can try to restart the application server that contains the application that is producing these issues.

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