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IBM Installation Manager - Preferences (command line)

If you have not yet installed IBMs Installation Manager, check out our article on installing Installation Manager.

Installation Manager has certain default behaviours. For example, when installing or updating a product, service repositories are searched. You can use the -preferences option to adjust the default behaviour of Installation Manager. In this example, -preferences offering.service.repositories.areUsed=false is used so that service repositories are not searched. You would only want to use this preference when you are installing or updating a product using a local repository. Service repositories are repositories that contain products on, such as

./imcl install
  -repositories /tmp/was
  -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer
  -preferences offering.service.repositories.areUsed=false


Similarly, if you are installing or updating a product using a response.xml file, you can define preferences in your XML file.

	name = 'offering.service.repositories.areUsed'
	value = 'false'>


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