FreeKB - Verify application successfully deployed
IBM WebSphere - Verify application successfully deployed

On the server that contains the application server, the node agent SystemOut.log should contain the following event.

ADMA7021I: Distribution of application <app name> completed successfully.


If you are using a deployment manager, the deployment manager SystemOut.log should contain the following events.

CWLDD0014I: Event id 115306418-1. Installing application <app name>...
ADMA5016I: Installation of <app name> started.
ADMA5013I: Application <app name> installed successfully.
ADMN1008I: An attempt is made to start the <app name> application.
CWLDD0021I: Application <app name> is started on: WebSphere:cell=cell01,node=node01,server=server01,status=success.
CWLDD0021I: Application <app name> is started on: WebSphere:cell=cell01,node=node02,server=server02,status=success.


If you are deploying the app using monitoredDeployableApps and a properties file, the following event should be found in the deployment manager SystemOut.log.

CWLDD0007I: Event id 123456789. Start of processing. Event type: Added, File path: /path/to/
CWLDD0028I: Event id 123456789. The target of the current operation is [WebSphere:cell=yourCell,node=yourNode,server=yourServer].
CWLDD0014I: Event id 123456789. Installing application yourApp...


After the application has been deployed, the EAR WAR JAR or SAR file will be located at ${was_install_root}/profiles/dmgr_profile/config/cells/your_cell/applications on the dmgr. The EAR WAR JAR or SAR file will also be located at ${was_install_root}/profiles/node_profile/installedApps on each node server.

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