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Subversion (Version Control) - svn commit comamnd

This assumes you have Subversion installed on your local PC. These examples are based on Linux.

This assumes you have either added a new file in your local Subversion repository (branch) or you have updated a file in your local Subversion repository (branch), and you are now ready to commit the file.

Use the svn commit command to commit a file. Commit creates a new version of the file in your local Git repository.

svn commit foo.txt


Your default editor will open, where you will be prompted to enter a commit message. Enter a message, and save. If the commit is successful, the following will be displayed.

Sending foo.txt
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 123456



The -m or --message option can be used to include the commit message, so that your default editor is not used to enter the commit message.

svn commit --message 'First Commitment' foo.txt


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