FreeKB - IBM MQ Getting Started with the runmqsc command
IBM MQ - Getting Started with the runmqsc command

The runmqsc command is used to perform a number of different administrative tasks, such as creating/deleting/modifying a queue. On a Linux system, runmqsc would be invoked like this. This assumes that the "mqm" users .bash_profile has been updated to have PATH=$PATH:<root installation directory>/bin.



If you have two or more queue managers installed, then you'll want to specify the queue manager you want to run commands against.

runmqsc MANAGER01


You will be presented with an interactive prompt. Here is an example of a command you could issue.

display qlocal (QUEUE01)


Or, even better, like this.

echo "display qlocal (QUEUE01)" | runmqsc MANAGER01


The -v option can be used to run a command in validation mode.

echo "display qlocal (QUEUE01)" | runmqsc -v MANAGER01

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