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Ansible - Install Ansible on Linux

Ansible can be used to do something on a collection of target computers. For example, you could query each computer to determine the operating system installed on each computer, or you could install software on the target computers.


Ansible Tower requires at least 2 GB of RAM, but recommends at least 4 GB. Use the free command to determine how much memory your system has. In this example, the system has less than 2 GB of memory, which will cause the install the fail. If your server does not have enought free memory, add memory to the server before installing Ansible Tower.

free -h
. . .
       total      used    free   shared  buffers  cached
Mem:     19G       19G    510M      16K     185M    3.6G
Swap:   2.0G      380M    1.6G


Download the Ansible Tower tar archive.

curl -k -O


Extract the tar archive.

tar -zxf ansible-tower-setup-latest.tar.gz


Enter the extracted archive.

cd ansible-tower-setup*/


Edit the inventory file, and define passwords.



Use the sestatus command to determine if SELinux is enforcing, disabled, or permissive.

. . .
Current mode: enforcing


If SELinux is enforcing, determine if the libselinux-python package is installed. If libselinux-python is listed under "Available Packages", this means libselinux-python is not installed.

yum list libselinux-python
. . .
Available Packages


If libselinux-python is not installed, install libselinux-python.

yum install libselinux-python


Run the script.



If setup is successful, the following will be displayed.

The setup process completed successfully


You are now ready to start using Ansible Tower.

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