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Ansible command - target hosts (inventory.yml)

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This assumes you have installed Ansible Tower and that you are familiar with the ansible command

Ansible commands are issued against hosts (eg. target servers). You will define the target servers in a file, such as inventory.yml. In this example, inventory.yml contains four target servers, two on Windows and two on Linux.


Then, in a playbook.yml, you can perform tasks against every server in inventory.yml, like this.

- hosts: all


Or against only the Windows servers, like this.

- hosts: windows


Or against only the Linux servers, like this.

- hosts: linux


Or against both Windows and Linux servers, like this.

- hosts: windows:linux


A single playbook can run tasks/plays against different hosts, like this.

- hosts: windows
    - name: Windows task

- hosts: linux
    - name: Linux task


Or you can create a variable that contains the servers. In this example, the linux_servers variable will contain the Linux servers in inventory.yml.

- hosts: windows:linux
  - set_fact: linux_servers="{{groups['linux']}}"


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