FreeKB - slappasswd and ldappasswd commands (reset password)
OpenLDAP - slappasswd and ldappasswd commands (reset password)

The slappasswd command can be used to generate a hash of a users password. In this example, the hash is {SHHA}pfjf4857vjslsj4j4g8skdffj3342.

~]# slappasswd
New password: ********
Re-enter new password: ********


Update /etc/openldap/slapd.d/cn=config/olcDatabase={2}hdb.ldif to contain the hash.

olcRootPW: {SHHA}pfjf4857vjslsj4j4g8skdffj3342


Restart slapd.


Likewise, the ldappasswd can be used to reset a users password in OpenLDAP. In this example, JohnDoe password is updated.

ldappasswd -x -D dc=example,dc=com -a <current password> -s <new password> JohnDoe


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