Ansible - import_playbook module

Let's say you have a playbook named main.yml, and in this playbook, you want to run the foo.yml and bar.yml playbooks. This could be done using:

IMPORTANT - import_playbook cannot be used in the tasks plugin

For example, this would not work. If you want to include the tasks in a playbook during tasks execution, the include_role module or include_tasks module can be used instead.

- hosts: all
    import_playbook: foo.yml


IMPORTANT - The when parameter cannot be used with import_playbook.

Attempting to use the when parameter, like this, would return a fatal error. For this reason, the include_role module or include_tasks module can be used instead, as the when parameter can be used with these modules.

- import_playbook: foo.yml
  when: foo == bar


In this example, the child.yml playbook is imported.

- name: import 'foo.yml'
  import_playbook: foo.yml


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