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Ansible - gather_facts module

This assumes you have installed Ansible, are familiar with the ansible-playbook command and have created a playbook.

Facts are raw data about a server. On your Ansible server, the following command will display facts about your Ansible server.

ansible localhost -m setup


For example, here are some facts.

"ansible_hostname": "server1"
"ansible_all_ip4v_addresses": ""
"ansible_distribution": "CentOS"


Here is a playbook that print facts.

- hosts: all
  - debug: msg="{{ansible_hostname}}"
  - debug: msg="{{ansible_all_ipv4_addresses}}"
  - debug: msg="{{ansible_distribution}}"


Running the playbook will produce the following.

PLAY [all]

TASK [Gathering Facts]
ok: []

TASK [debug]
ok: [] => {
    "msg": "server1"

TASK [debug]
ok: [] => {
    "msg": ""

TASK [debug]
ok: [] => {
    "msg": "CentOS"

PLAY RECAP : ok=2  changed=0  unreacable=0  failed=0


Facts are often used with when to do something when a fact evaluates to true or false. For example.

- name: do something
  when: "ansible_distribution == 'CentOS'"


By default, facts are gathered. However, if you do not need to use facts, you can tell your playbook to not gather facts.

- hosts: all
  gather_facts: False


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