FreeKB - IBM WebSphere wsadmin Conntype (SOAP, RMI, IPC, JSR160RMI, NONE)
IBM WebSphere - wsadmin Conntype (SOAP, RMI, IPC, JSR160RMI, NONE)

If you are not familiar with (Linux) / wsadmin.bat (Windows), check out our Getting Started article.

By default, the file is configured to use SOAP, like this.


Additionally, defines the SOAP port that will be used, which is 8879 by default.


You can get the SOAP port in the dmgr admin console, at System administration > Deployment manager > Ports.


You can use the -conntype option to spectify the type of connection you would like to make, like this: -conntype NONE -conntype SOAP -conntype RMI -conntype IPC -conntype JSR160RMI


-conntype NONE is used to run in local mode, which means that wsadmin does not connect to any server processes. In this way, wsadmin can be used even if a server is not running. This is useful if you want to, say, install software on a server that is not running.

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