FreeKB - display queue manager details (display qmgr command)
IBM MQ - display queue manager details (display qmgr command)

If you are not sure what an MQ queue is, check out our Getting Started tutorial. These examples are based on Linux. This assumes you have created a queue manager

This assumes that the "mqm" users .bash_profile has been updated to have PATH=$PATH:<root installation directory>/bin.

echo "display qmgr" | runmqsc MANAGER01

5724-H72 (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994, 2019.
Starting MQSC for queue manager MQHUBVA1.

     1 : display qmgr
AMQ8408I: Display Queue Manager details.
   QMNAME(MANAGER01)                       ACCTCONO(DISABLED)
   ACCTINT(60)                             ACCTMQI(OFF)
   ACCTQ(OFF)                              ACTIVREC(MSG)
   ACTVCONO(DISABLED)                      ACTVTRC(OFF)
   ADVCAP(ENABLED)                         ALTDATE(2018-04-26)
   ALTTIME(11.04.25)                       AMQPCAP(YES)
   AUTHOREV(ENABLED)                       CCSID(819)
   CERTLABL(                   CERTVPOL(ANY)
   CHAD(DISABLED)                          CHADEV(ENABLED)
   CHADEXIT( )                             CHLEV(ENABLED)
   CHLAUTH(DISABLED)                       CLWLDATA( )
   CLWLEXIT( )                             CLWLLEN(100)
   CLWLMRUC(999999999)                     CLWLUSEQ(LOCAL)
   CMDEV(DISABLED)                         CMDLEVEL(910)
   CRTIME(17.41.33)                        CUSTOM( )
   DEFXMITQ( )                             DESCR(Manager01 Queue Manager)
   DISTL(YES)                              IMGINTVL(60)
   IMGLOGLN(OFF)                           IMGRCOVO(YES)
   IMGRCOVQ(YES)                           IMGSCHED(MANUAL)
   INHIBTEV(ENABLED)                       IPADDRV(IPV4)
   LOCALEV(ENABLED)                        LOGGEREV(DISABLED)
   MARKINT(5000)                           MAXHANDS(256)
   MAXMSGL(41943040)                       MAXPROPL(NOLIMIT)
   MAXPRTY(9)                              MAXUMSGS(10000)
   MONACLS(QMGR)                           MONCHL(OFF)
   MONQ(LOW)                               PARENT( )
   PERFMEV(ENABLED)                        PLATFORM(UNIX)
   PSMODE(ENABLED)                         PSCLUS(ENABLED)
   PSNPMSG(DISCARD)                        PSNPRES(NORMAL)
   PSRTYCNT(5)                             PSSYNCPT(IFPER)
   QMID(MANAGER01_2018-04-11_17.41.33)     REMOTEEV(ENABLED)
   REPOS( )                                REPOSNL( )
   REVDNS(ENABLED)                         ROUTEREC(MSG)
   SCHINIT(QMGR)                           SCMDSERV(QMGR)
   SPLCAP(ENABLED)                         SSLCRLNL( )
   SSLCRYP( )                              SSLEV(ENABLED)
   SSLRKEYC(0)                             STATACLS(OFF)
   STATCHL(LOW)                            STATINT(1800)
   STATMQI(OFF)                            STATQ(OFF)
   STRSTPEV(ENABLED)                       SUITEB(NONE)
   SYNCPT                                  TREELIFE(1800)
   TRIGINT(600000)                         VERSION(09010003)
One MQSC command read.
No commands have a syntax error.
All valid MQSC commands were processed.


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