Ansible - ansible-vault decrypt command

The ansible-vault command can be used to perform a number of tasks.

Additionally, there are a few command line options to be aware of.


The ansible-vault decrypt command is used to decrypt a file that was encrypted by the ansible-vault command. Let's say foo.txt was encrypted by the ansbile-vault command.

Before decrypting the file, you'll want to determine if the file was encrypted using a certain vault id. In this example, the file was encrypted using the "test" id.

~]$ cat foo.txt


The following command will decrypt the file.

ansible-vault decrypt foo.txt


You will be prompted to for the vault password.

Vault password:


Or, to avoid being prompted for the vault password, if the file is not associated with a vault id, the --vault-password-file command line option can be used.

ansible-vault decrypt --vault-password-file /usr/local/vault/.vault_password.txt foo.txt


If the file is associated with a vault id, the --vault-id command line option can be used.

ansible-vault decrypt --vault-id test@/usr/local/ansible/vault/.vault_password.txt foo.txt


If the file was successful decrypted, the following will be displayed.

Decryption successful


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