How to install Microsoft SQL Server Developer in Windows

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MSSQL is dependent on the Microsoft .NET framework, version 4 or above. There is no need to download and install the Microsoft .NET framework, as this should automatically be included in the install of SQL Server. It's important to recognize that both SQL Server Developer 2014 64-bit (the server) and SQL Server Management Studio 2014 64-bit (the management app) must be installed.

How to Install SQL Server Developer 2014 64-bit

  1. Run setup.exe from the SQL Server Developer installer package. A popup box will appear.
  2. On the left, click on Installation.
  3. Select New SQL Server stand-alone installation
  4. Product Key = Enter the Product Key. Click Next.
  5. Licence Term: Select I accept the license terms and select Next
  6. Microsoft Updates: Don't checkmark Use Microsoft Update to check for updates (recommended) and click Next
  7. Setup Role = SQL Server Feature Installation. Click Next.
  8. Feature Rules: Just keep all of the defaults, and select Next
  9. Instance Configuration: Select Named Instance, and give it a custom name.
  10. Server Configuration = keep defaults, click next.
  11. Database Engine Configuraiton = keep it Windows Authentication Mode, click the Add Current User button, click next
  12. Analysis Service Configuration = keep defaults, click the Add Current User button, click next
  13. After the installer completes, you should get Successed messages. Click Close.

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