Ansible - ini dynamic inventory plugin

If you are not familiar dynamic inventory, check out Ansible - Getting Started with Dynamic Inventory.

This assumes you have the ini plugin in ansible.cfg enabled, like this.

# enable inventory plugins, default: 'host_list', 'script', 'yaml', 'ini'
enable_plugins = host_list, yaml, ini


This also assumes you have defined your inventory in a ini file, such as hosts.ini. Let's say the hosts.ini file contains the following managed hosts (e.g. the target systems).


The ansible command with the --list-hosts and -vvv flags can be used to determine if the ini plugin is being used.

ansible all --list-hosts -vvv


If you get something like this, this suggests you did not define ini in ansible.cfg properly.

[WARNING]: Unable to parse /etc/ansible/hosts.ini as an inventory source


If the following is returned, the ini plugin is being used.

Parsed /etc/ansible/hosts.ini inventory source with ini plugin


Something like this should be returned.

  hosts (6):


Or, the ansible-inventory --list command can be used.

ansible-inventory --list


Or, the ansible-inventory --graph command can be used.

ansible-inventory --graph


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