FreeKB - IBM MQ Resolve "AMQ8077W: Entity has insufficient authority to access object"
IBM MQ - Resolve "AMQ8077W: Entity has insufficient authority to access object"

This error appears in the AMQERR logs. In this example, user (or more accurately, entity) john.doe does not have permission to put a message onto QUEUE01.

09/16/2020 06:18:04 PM - Process(108271.1810968) User(mqm) Program(amqzlaa0)
                    Host( Installation(Installation1)
                    VRMF( QMgr(MANAGER01)

AMQ8077W: Entity 'john.doe' has insufficient authority to access object

The specified entity is not authorized to access the required object. The
following requested permissions are unauthorized: put/passall
Ensure that the correct level of authority has been set for this entity against
the required object, or ensure that the entity is a member of a privileged


The dspmqaut command can be used to display the users permissions. In this example, john.doe has not been granted the put permission.

dspmqaut -m MANAGER01 -n QUEUE01 -t queue -p john.doe

Entity john.doe has the following authorizations for object QUEUE01: 


The setmqaut command can be used to grant a user a certain permission. In this example, john.doe is granted the put permission.

setmqaut -m MANAGER01 -n QUEUE01 -t queue -p john.doe +put


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