RabbitMQ - Grant user permissions using the rabbitmqctl command

The rabbitmqctl command with the set_permissions option can be used to update a users account with certain permissions to certain objects. Before issuing the set_permissions command, you will usually want to use the list_user_permissions option to list the users current permissions.

You would use the -p option followed by a virtual host. In this example, virtual host / is specified. The last three options are:

  • Configure regexp = the objects the user has configure access to (e.g. .*)
  • Write regexp = the objects the user has write access to (e.g. .*)
  • Read regexp = the objects the user has read access to (e.g. .*)
rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / john.doe ".*" ".*" ".*"


Something like this should be returned.

Setting permissions for user "john.doe" in vhost "/"


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