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Linux Commands - file command

The file command can be used to display a file type. Let's create an empty file.

touch foo.txt


The file command will show that foo.txt is an empty file.

~]# file foo.txt
foo.txt: empty


Let's append some text to foo.txt.

echo "Hello World" > foo.txt


Now the file command should return the following.

~]# file foo.txt
foo.txt: ASCII text


Let's say you have a certificate file, foo.cer, that contains something like this.



Something like this should be returned.

foo.cer: PEM certificate


Let's say you have a binary file foo.file. Attempting to view the content of foo.file will probably return mumbo jumbo, something like this.

~]# cat foo.file


The file command should identify foo.file as a data file.

~]# file foo.file
foo.file: data


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