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Resolve error The folder contents could not be displayed

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In Linux, when attempting to drag a folder from one window to a different window, error message "The folder contents could not be displayed" appears.


In this scenario, the folder that files are being transferred from is a Windows share, and the folder that the files are being transferred to is a Samsung Note 4 SSD Card.  The Windows share is mounted in Linux at /etc/fstab using CIFS. Also, there were many "hops" occuring here. 

  1. The files resided on a storage drive on the Windows file server. 
  2. The Windows share is mounted on a Linux client OS which is wirelessly connected to the network
  3. The Android Note 4 SSD Card is connected to the Linux client OS with a USB cable.

It was determined that this issue was not due to permissions.  Instead, we found that this issue was due to the size of the files being transferred and the speed of Samba.  The Samba share was mounted using CIFS.  The resolution here was to mount using NFS, because NFS is faster than Samba, which resolved the issue with the latency which caused the error message.

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