Ansible - Resolve "ansible.parsing.yaml.objects.AnsibleVaultEncryptedUnicode object has no attribute split"

Let's say you use the ansible-vault create command to create a file named locker.yml that contains the following.

test_password itsasecret
prod_password hGn4!kD98A


And then you have a playbook that decrypts locker.yml, like this.

- hosts: localhost
    passwords: !vault |
    - name: display the content of the 'passwords' variable
        var: passwords


Something like this should be returned.

TASK [display the content of the 'passwords' variable]
ok: [localhost] => {
    "vault": "test_password itsasecret\nprod_password hGn4!kD98A"


However, if you try to split the content of the "passwords" variable.

- name: display the content of the 'passwords' variable
    msg: "{{ passwords.split() }}"


The following fatal error should be returned.

TASK [display the content of the 'passwords' variable]
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"msg": "
The task includes an option with an undefined variable.
The error was: 'ansible.parsing.yaml.objects.AnsibleVaultEncryptedUnicode object' has no attribute 'split'\n\n
The error appears to be in '/usr/local/ansible/testing.yml': line 17, column 7, but may be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.
The offending line appears to be:
- name: display the contents of the 'passwords' variable
        ^ here


This occurs because the object type of the "passwords" variable is AnsibleVaultEncryptedUnicode, which can be seen in the error message, or with the type_debug filter, and the split filter cannot be used on object type AnsibleVaultEncryptedUnicode. To resolve this, the set_fact module and string filter can be used to convert the "passwords" variable from AnsibleVaultEncryptedUnicode to AnsibleUnsafeText.

- name: convert the 'passwords' variable from AnsibleVaultEncryptedUnicode to AnsibleUnsafeText
    passwords: "{{ passwords | string }}"


Now the "passwords" variable can be split.

- name: display the content of the 'passwords' variable
    msg: "{{ passwords.split() }}"


Now the following should be returned.

TASK [display vault.yml]
ok: [localhost] => {
    "msg": [
        "test_password itsasecret",
        "prod_password hGn4!kD98A"


And here is how you would create variables containing the test password and prod password.

- set_fact:
    dev_password: "{{ passwords.split('\n')[0].split(' ')[1] }}"

- set_fact:
    prod_password: "{{ passwords.split('\n')[1].split(' ')[1] }}"


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