Ansible - Prompt for user input using Surveys in Tower

Surveys are used to create a prompt for user input. 

  1. In the left panel of Ansible Tower, select Templates and then select a template you have created.
  2. Select Add Survey or Edit Survey.

In this example, a survey is created that will prompt for a value that will be with the "foo" variable.


Then, when launching the job, there will be a prompt that will associate a value with the "foo" variable.


Let's say the job template is running the following playbook.

- hosts: all
  - debug:
      msg: the 'foo' variable contains a value of {{ foo }}



The Extra Variables in Tower and set_fact module will take precedence over the prompt.


Something like this should be returned.

TASK [debug]
ok: [localhost] => {
    "msg": "the 'foo' variable contains a value of bar"


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