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Microsoft SQL Server - Create a new table

Follow these directions to create a new table in Microsoft SQL Server.

  1. In SQL Server, expand Databases > database
  2. Right-click Tables > Table...
  3. In the main pane, a form appears. I always create the following columns in every table:
    • id (int, not null, auto increment, primary key)
    1. date_inserted (date, not null)
    2. date_updated (date, not null)

      Note: To auto increment the id field, in Column Properties, expand Identity Specification and change Is Identity to Yes.

      Note: To set the id field as the Primary Key, right-click the blank space just to the left of id and select Primary Key.

  1. Click the disk (save) icon.
  2. In the Choose Name pop-up box, enter the name of the table and click OK.
  3. In Object Explorer, click the refresh icon (F5), and the newly created table should appear under the Tables folder.

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