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BFD2 - Install BFD2

Follow these steps to install BFD2.

  1. Open the BFD2_2-3-0-38_Update Folder.
  2. Double Click on the BFD2 Update Installer Win application.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the application. Important Note: Do not open the application yet.
  4. After the install is done, you might need to restart your computer.
  5. Doulbe Click on the BFD2_Data_Installer.part1 file
  6. Follow the prompts to install the data.
  7. Launch BFD2

\nWhen BFD2 is launched, License Manager is also launched. You may see a prompt asking you to select the path you wish to use for your BFD2 data path(s). Ignore this dialog for now (but do not click Cancel) and switch to License Manager.

  1. From the License Manager pop-up, click on the Authorize & Activate BFD2 button
  2. Enter xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and click on OK
  3. Select the Online Automatically button
  4. Click on the Request Authorization button
  5. Relaunch BFD2
  6. When prompted to select the path, select C:\\Program Files (x86)\\FXpansion\\BFD2



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