FreeKB - Record your computer screen
Monosnap - Record your computer screen

Follow these directions to record or capture your computer screen using Monosnap.

  1. Download and install Monosnap from
  2. The bottom right-hand corner of your desktop should now have the Monosnap icon. Click the Monosnap icon and select record desktop.
  3. Drag the capture area window to the area of your desktop you want to record. Press the Rec button.
  4. When completed, press the Rec button again. The Monosnap icon will show Processing recorded video.
  5. Once processing has completed, there should be a pop-up box to Save or Upload the video. Select Save to save the video to your computer.

One thing to be aware of is that Monosnap is a resource hog. If you don't have plenty of RAM and a fast CPU, Monosnap can bring your computer to a grinding halt. In this example, Monosnap is using just under 40% of the CPU.

In this example, the CPU is maxed out, and the RAM is nearly maxed out when running Monosnap.

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