FreeKB - Windows route print command (display routing table)
Windows - route print command (display routing table)

The route print or netstat -r (route) commands can be used to display a hosts routing table. 

route print


Following is a simplified host routing table:

Network Destination  Netmask          Default Gateway  Interface      Metric       10          On-Link      306  On-Link      306  On-Link      306    On-Link   266  On-Link   266  On-Link   266          On-Link      306          On-Link   266  On-Link      306  On-Link   266

Network Destination is the default route.  Any packet that has a destination address that does not match any of the other listings in the routing table are sent to the default route, which is the Default Gateway (router).


Network Destination 127.x.x.x is the loopback address. Any packet sent from the host to 127.x.x.x will be looped back to the host.


Network Desitnation 192.168.x.x is used to route packets to other hosts inside the LAN.  In this example, if a packet is desitined for another computer in the LAN, one of the 192.168.x.x routes will be used.

  • - all computers on the 192.168.0.x network.
  • - The address of the host.
  • - Broadcast address.  Sends messages to all hosts in the LAN.

Multicast addresses

Broadcast IP address.

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